Open up California Roller Skating Rinks when gyms open up again

Open up California Roller Skating Rinks when gyms open up again

July 31, 2020
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California State Governor Governor Gavin Newsom and 2 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Ken Neutz

Since mid-March, roller skating centers across California have been closed. Closed to their local communities and closed to the many families they serve. Closed for an afternoon of family fun. Closed birthday celebrations. Closed for adult skating events. Closed for skating competitions. Closed for safe, healthy fun. Closed now for nearly 5 months! These are important pieces to the community. Places for kids to experience joy and happiness Places for people to burn off some energy. Something desperately needed today as Californians spiral into depression.

We ask for your support to show that the public is ready to skate indoors again. If you miss your local rink keep reading.

o  With such a large footprint, skating centers have the space to allow lots of physical distancing.

o  Everyone skates in the same direction, something the grocery stores struggle with. We have been doing this for decades. 

o  Cleaning protocols are in place and facilities are prepared.

o  Staff has been trained on new procedures and ready to get back to work.

o  Partnering with the Roller Skating Association, many rinks across the country have successfully opened. California rinks will be no different.

As bowling, family entertainment centers and movie theaters are allowed to reopen in the near future, let roller skating centers open. Inside health clubs and inside hair salons will reopen again. Even the casinos are allowed to open their doors. Roller skating has been left behind as one of the last businesses allowed to open. With no hope in sight and no scheduled date to look forward to. It isn’t much help, when all California Government offices, can’t even tell us when roller skating centers will be allowed to open….the bills don’t stop coming when your business closed.

Please sign this petition to voice your concern that your local business is suffering and to reopen roller skating centers in California.

Support now
Signatures: 5,628Next Goal: 7,500
Support now

Decision Makers

  • Governor Gavin NewsomCalifornia State Governor
  • California Department of Public Health
  • Director of California Department of Public Health