Challenge 34-Year Contract for Dept of Health and NY-ACC

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Over these past eight years, New York Animal Rights Alliance America has protested New York Animal Control for their corrupt, incompetent and  reckless guardianship of our precious cats and dogs and other animals.  At this time, a 34-year contract  is being awarded to the Department of Health to continue the government-appointed "nonprofit" New York Animal Control's reign of terror of killing adoptable animals and allowing them to be pulled by "kill rescues."

Eight years ago, hundreds of animals, especially cats met their death at Angel's Gate under Jane Hoffman.  NO ONE was held accountable at NY-ACC or Mayors Alliance and in fact the same rescues continue to pull animals.  NO ONE was arrested that placed animals there KNOWING that they were going to their death. 

Jane Hoffman of the Mayors Alliance with Ed Sayres of the ASPCA lobbied against passage of Companion Animal Protection Act about six years ago. Why? Because they said they were protecting animals from bad rescue. From Angel's Gate where hundreds of animals froze to death outside six years ago to the present where sloppy incompetents and outright criminals like Heidi Lueders who pulled five dogs from Brooklyn and starved them to death, nothing could be further from the truth. They have maintained a multi-mullion dollar cartel, which is a controlled group that oversees money (conversion of grant dollars). For these reasons and so many others, NO 34-YEAR CONTRACT IS IN ORDER!  WE NEED AN OPEN BID.  We need a TRUE NO KILL RESCUE to win a contract after vetting by the New York City Council. 

Veterinary care has been abysmal.  With the ASPCA at the helm with NY-ACC Risa Weinstock  CEO, animals have been surgically altered and then killed, hundreds of them!  And the contract for that surgery exchange has never been made public requiring me to file a lawsuit simply to determine how this could possibly be! 

No responsible program for behavioral dogs has ever been instituted.  When we started eight years ago, THE JANITOR was evaluating the dogs for behavior!

Risa Weinstock has also manipulated the term "no kill" proclaiming to the public that they have achieved a "90% no kill status" when the public has no idea that that does not include owner surrenders and puppies and kittens under eight weeks of age or wildlife for that matter. 

We have fought for eight years for facilities to be built in Queens and the Bronx and finally they are on the horizon but how can we possibly entrust this entity to oversee such a contract?  We cannot abide by this incompetent and reckless Board of Directors that even includes a veterinarian to continue to be entrusted with their care. 


WE DEMAND THAT EVERY RESCUE REVEAL THE FUTURE DISPOSITION OF THE ANIMALS THEY PULL to be posted on their website (adopted, in foster, in boarding, placed in a colony, passed away, received vetting, etc).  This is the very least that should happen of all animals pulled for complete transparency.

The bottom line is that the "three families of rescue" as coined by Nathan Winograd, author of the No Kill paradigm must be removed from animal control in New York City.  We have been calling for an OPEN BID which is the epitome of transparency in government.  How can a contract be awarded to an incompetent and reckless entity without an open bid? and for 34 unprecedented years?  We demand oversight from the state and city governments of New York.  We should be LEADERS IN THE TRUE NO KILL MOVEMENT - NO ANIMAL should be killed (murdered) for behavior without stringent provable six months of rehab and NO ANIMAL should be killed without state-of-the-art veterinary care. 

Let's get this petition to 100,000 quickly to enforce what we know to be true - that this contract is corruption at its worst in New York and we should be  better than that!