Science is our Future-Support the Proposal to Extend Funding for Trainees & Research Staff

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Science is how we will solve the myriad of challenges presented by COVID-19 and ensure we successfully confront the next unexpected disruption to the health and prosperity of our global communities. The current and future success of our scientific enterprise is driven by students, research fellows, and research staff. Most of these individuals are funded by limited term grants to individuals or indirectly by operating grants to labs. However many trainees and staff are unable to currently continue their projects, and there is limited visibility of when we can return to work in our nation's scientific laboratories. No-cost extensions to current stipends or grants do not enable the successful completion of training and ongoing funding of salaries when scientific education and experimental work resumes in the future. Renewing and extending our investment in the sustained funding of the salaries supporting trainees and scientists to accomplish their goals will ensure continuing support for the vital research undertaken across multiple scientific sectors that underpins the sucess of our societies. The future vitality, health and safety of our countries depends indirectly on uninterrupted salary support for the global scientific community, starting with our trainees. Please provide new salary support committments that fully fund and extend the terms of our training and work, enabling us to resume and continue our scientific careers and projects when appropriate, unencumbered by concerns that support for scientific salaries will be prematurely terminated.