Tradespeople aren’t being paid! More rights as they appeal to people to #paywhatyouowe

Tradespeople aren’t being paid! More rights as they appeal to people to #paywhatyouowe

13 September 2018
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Why this petition matters

Started by Scruffs Workwear

The UK construction industry is experiencing a significant challenge. Tens of thousands of hard-working tradespeople are not being paid for work that they have done.

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Across the UK, trade professionals are suffering the consequences of late and refused payment from their customers.

This has to stop – tradespeople have bills to pay too! 

If invoices are not paid on time, trade professionals are at risk of severe financial issues. If your workplace refused to pay your salary, how would you pay your way on household bills, the mortgage and your general cost of living?

Our plea applies to any individual who employs the talents of those skilled in such trades. It cannot go on.

Over the past 20 years the media has been flooded with stories of cowboy builders not completing work and letting people down. Shocking reality TV shows exposing the tiny minority of fraudsters in our industry have been rife, but delve a little deeper and in the majority of cases the reality for tradespeople is completely the opposite.

The UK construction industry is worth nearly £164bn, with tradespeople across the country busy building our roads, doing up our homes and making our towns and cities nicer places to live – they deserve better.

We want to introduce legislation that would provide tradespeople - particularly those who are self-employed - with more support. This could include establishing the rights of what and how they are able to chase invoices long beyond their due date, and introducing enforceable fines for unpaid invoices to deter unnecessary late payments.

Please support us in our plight to raise awareness of this issue, bring justice to the honest majority, and ensure the huge proportion of construction professionals are protected from an increasing and unregulated problem.

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Signatures: 435Next Goal: 500
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