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I want tighter laws to be made to stop backyard breeding of dogs. 

I think the dog breeding laws should be the same as it is with cats. 

Puppies should be health cleared vaccinated microchipped and have ligation. 

Ligation is a form of desexing. It can be paformed on puppies aged 8 weeks old. The vet removes the tubes to the testicals or ovaries . Preventing the dog to be able to reproduce.  The same as when a women has her tubes tide. 

The upside to ligation is that the dogs can live with all it's correct hormones and not have side effects from been desexed. 

Backyard breeders are currently out of controlled an unmonitored. Just look on gumtree. These people are not following the code. And a lot of the time they are breeding mixed breeds an lying and saying they are of pure breed. People are buying these dogs an a lot of the time not getting anything like what they were expecting. Resulting in dogs ending up not fitting the families lifestyle and potentially ending up dumped or in the pound. Or sick dogs from breeding unhealthy dogs. 

Breeders must make sure their dogs are health cleared and are in top condition an follow guidelines while backyard breeders simply chuck two dogs in the backyard an sell the puppies 8 weeks later. 

I have been approached by so many backyard breeders when selling puppies. Asking for the puppy's to be sold on mains so they can breed. People even othering me to mate my dog with theirs for a puppy but yet they can't even tell me their dogs bloodline. 

People are simply cashing in and doing it inappropriately. 

Please sign this petition and help put a stop to this. 

And protect the people doing the right thing . 

This will help cracking down on the problem just look at how many less cats you see these days since the new breeding laws came in.  Cat laws are that they must be desexed vaccinated and microchipped before they can be sold. 

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