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Scientific integration of all systems of medicine with a team spirit.

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Modern or Western medicine contributed much to human health. But in recent times its cost is escalating with technology and new developments. Moreover, modern medical science has its limitations, in the form of diagnostic errors and therapeutic uncertainties [References: 1) US Institute of Medicine 2015; 2) BMJ Quality & Safety 25-Year Summary of US Malpractice Claims, 2013; 3) Chapter 2 Evaluation of therapeutic recommendations…in Avery’s Diseases of Newborn. 9th Edition. 2012. 4) 5) 6) A study of 2500 treatments in BMJ Clinical Evidence Database shows that as of 2009,…..12% are clearly beneficial].

So modern medicine though is important, it is not scientifically absolutely right. It has significant uncertainty and limitation.

Time tested benefits of other systems of medicine are not being recognized as science. 

People should not be denied benefits of any system of medicine.

Science is critical observation of nature and using it for the benefit of humans and other living things. Time tested beneficial observations should not be brushed away as useless by any responsible health care system, without scientific verification. Indian modern medicine community now has to be more open minded, observe traditional medicine using principles of research and help other systems find health benefits according to scientific principles (systematic observations and inferences). It only further increases the credibility of Indian health care system. Doctors of all systems of medicine while practicing the system in which one is trained, have to come together to conduct medical research to observe benefits in all systems. All modern medicine associations instead of working as water tight compartments and at logger heads with other systems and traditional medicine, have to come together to design medical research to identify benefits in each system, especially cost-effective managements. In this regard modern medicine associations can approach the Government with proposals of team work and research between all systems of medicine. After all any system of medicine exists for human welfare and anything which helps human health is science.

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