Save our children and our world this year - Please read this - it's not nonsense

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Stupid humans are destroying the planet and everything on it. We waste and throw away something like a third of all the food we buy from the greedy self-serving 'super'markets, we buy all sorts of rubbish toys and other products made of and wrapped in plastic, we buy drinks with plastic straws and bottles. We kill the animals, fish, birds and insects without which we would all die. We cut down millions of trees to make paper to send out enveloped marketing dross that nobody wants or needs and we allow our government to cosy up with the murderous and moronic americans and back them in their foreign expansion plans rather than pay for the things we really need - the NHS (our health and very lives); Schools and properly trained teachers (our children's future); Adult Care (YOU and your family will need this one day); Police (outside London and big cities, when do you see a policeman?); Libraries (Entertainment and self education); bring an end to the stupidity of building houses and flats that half the population can't afford whilst banks place ridiculous regulations and barriers in front of applications for mortgages - surely it is unnecessary as if you don't pay your mortgage, you lose the house anyway; we have thousands of people sleeping rough; our weak government is immersed in Brexit which has nothing to do with anything actually useful to our daily lives; our justice system is over-lenient, antiquated and our jails are ruled by druggies and the bad guys who are there to be punished; introduce LIFE imprisonment that means life for drug dealers, murderers, those who hurt our vulnerable people and children; stop voting for the Tony Blairs, David Camerons, Boris Johnsons and other weak or self-serving narcissists and take a stand for our lives and our futures; don't buy garbage, don't support crooked or greedy or nasty businesses like Tesco (they own One Stop Shops by the way) and the 'Big 4' (they're big because we make them that way), BP, the traditional banks, BT (they own Plusnet by the way). Yes - there's a lot wrong, but we let it happen and we buy expensive rubbish from the wrong companies at stupid prices like sheep. Boycott these people and their non-recyclable stock and buy products in bio-degradable coverings and containers. Stop wasting food, just buy what you need. Look at the damage we have caused to our seasons, to the Arctic, to the Rainforests, life of all kinds and to ourselves. Without these features of life OUR children / YOUR children will die. Very soon It will be too late and the damage will be irreversible. Stop experimenting on animals once and for all. Stop blood-crazed 'killing sports'. Force our politicians to support the manufacture of cheap cars that run on anything other than petrol or diesel. Force the greedy utility companies to greatly reduce cost to the public and become non-profit. Stop our useless and hugely overpriced train companies in their tracks - force them to run decent services on existing lines with proper facilities, on time and at much reduced fares - make them non-profit too. Listen to people who know and who do care - the David Attenboroughs of this world, not the nasty power hungry politicians and the generals. We need to think for ourselves. There is so much wrong, but if we take action and make our politicians understand that enough is enough we can reverse the trend to further damage ourselves. They seriously need to spend their time on what WE in the UK need, not the ludicrous USA. This is how it is - there's no denying it. I do not exaggerate - check it all out for yourselves. Sign this so we can force our government to change its direction and work with other governments to the same aim. It won't wait until next week / next month / next year  / another day, or for your neighbour to do it so you don't need to bother - COME ON - IT'S YOUR WORLD and it's NOW!

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