STOP DOG THEFT! Make it a seriously punishable crime in line with human abduction

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Dog theft is ever increasing. Family pets are being stolen. There are no consequences. Often the pets stolen are used for baiting. Often, I’ve been informed, they are stolen by travellers whom the rspca and police have no powers or are too scared to enter these camps to retrieve the stolen pets, even when clear video evidence is presented of the many caged animals in abusive circumstances. It is heartbreaking. There are no enforced laws on protecting our very much loved pets from these sadistic monsters who gain pleasure and profit from animal cruelty and suffering. That’s not to mention the utter devastation and grief of the families whom these pets are stolen from.

Just a few days ago, a man was walking his elderly dog just a few miles from where I live, he was pushed to the ground by 2 men while a 3rd man made off with his 11 year old dog. Then the 2 ran also. The man was left shocked and stunned from the fall and then realised they’d stolen his old dog.. can you imagine the emotions and devastation of this man? Let alone what the poor elderly dog will now be subjected to- to fight for his life against a young viscious hungry dog -to the death- for the amusement and profit of these scum who organise the whole thing from start to end.  Can you take a moment to think how you would feel if that happened to you, or your family, next time you walked your dog?

PLEASE PLEASE parliament.. There is an animal welfare act 2006 which aims to protect all animals from suffering/abuse etc.. yet it is NOT ENFORCED. 

The police aren’t given the appropriate powers, the RSPCA aren’t either. We NEED this protection in force. We need tougher penalties for dog theft. We need an enforced sentence on the organisers and perpetrators. They need to actually think twice about what they are doing because they will risk the consequences. At the moment there are no detrimental consequences. 

There is actual video footage of a gypsy camp in uk with dogs in tight cages that match the descriptions of stolen dogs from the area !! Yet the RSPCA won’t go in there! And the police won’t either without backup from the RSPCA! 

My petition isn’t solely about gypsy camps stealing dogs.. it is about ANY pet theft by ANY persons to face serious consequences of the law. Convictions. Bans. Fines and custodial or jail time. 

It has GOT to be an enforced seriously punished crime to be any sort of deterant. 

So many animals are being stolen/mistreated/abused. They cannot speak up. They need us decent human beings to speak for them. To keep them safe. They need LAWS that are ENFORCED to protect them. And in the case of your family dog being stolen- the law would protect YOU too. 

This seriously needs addressing and fast. Please sign this petition to show your support for tougher laws, tougher sentences and consequences that can actually be enforced by RSPCA and the Police to help us get out pets back quickly or better still, the theft not happening in the first place. 

Thank you