Overturn Lancashire FA Decision to suspend grassroots football.


Overturn Lancashire FA Decision to suspend grassroots football.

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National lockdown v2.0 ended on 2 December with grassroots football clubs recommencing training and matches.  

Football is integral in maintaining children's healthy minds and bodies and making them happy.  Many coaches have seen how lockdown affected children's mental health and fitness. 

Lancashire FA released a statement without any warning or consultation, after 6pm on Friday 4th December stating that all grassroots football is cancelled till at least the new year.

This is completely unfair and comes as a massive shock to the grassroots football community. There was no indication that this position was coming from Lancs FA and there was no consultation with football clubs who have worked tirelessly to minimise the risk of covid transmission through robust risk assessments.  It is an even more ridiculous position from Lancashire FA because earlier on on the 4th December they confirmed that indoor football could go ahead.

This position also goes against the National FA who have confirmed that grassroots football can go ahead in any tier.

The rate of infection in this region is in fact going down and is considerable less than when the Lancs FA allowed us to re start in September & October 

Its also worth adding that Kent FA has not suspended matches and some of their areas as of today has nearly double the amount of cases than our worst hit place.

On 6 December Lancashire FA and Local Publix Health directors were pressured into making a further statement and appeared on BBC Lancashire Radio. 

There remains a number of unanswered queries in respect of the return of grassroots football. 

My view in respect of this is that these hundreds of children who play football are being used as scapegoats / pawns to allow the activities to continue during this period. In the hope that infection rates will reduce to allow  the Area to become tier 2.  

There being penalised for the relaxation of the rules over the 23-27 December.

Elite football continues, School football can continue and I can arrange a 7 a side match at the local Soccerdome. 

Further  and of more of a concern, these children have no end date in sight as to when football will return.  There remains uncertainty and no clarity of a return in January. 

Public Health speak of future plans for testing, and are working with our local sports partnership to assess the risk for other sports which include close contact.

It is stated in this statement:-
"In order to minimise the risk of household transmission over the five day seasonal relaxation of the COVID rules, we need to take all the measures we can to avoid entering the 23-27th Decemberperiod with rising rates. We hope to work closely with Lancashire FA over the coming weeks to see how we can open up grassroots football as soon as possible in the New Year.”


The fact that there is no end date or hope for these children to return  to football is concerning and will undoubtedly have a massive effect on mental health and also physical health.  Why can
They not train only. We have measures for social distance training sessions. This would
Allow children to be active socially and physically. 

It could be January/February /March before these boys return.  Not considering National measures of there is a third wave.

If there are concerns from Public health England in respect of the infection rate all sporting activities in the County should be suspended, not cherry picking one sport.  Which happens to be the most popular. 

This is prejudicial, when we talk of 2020, we see numerous campaigns  in respect of racial discrimination  equality,individual rights and its with regret that Lancashire FA, Local Councils alongside  Public Health England seem to act in a prejudicial manner on this  very issue. 

Now Mr Dominic Harrison has gone on leave for 1 week at the critical point and no point of contact for further dialogue. Let’s report this for what it is uncertain for thousands 
of children 


The grassroots community wants this decision overturned to allow there children participate in Football, like all other FA regions in Tier 3 restrictions. 


This petition made change with 2,675 supporters!

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