Please Decriminalize Marijuana For Medicinal Use in Trinidad & Tobago

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C A N N A B I S    R E A L L Y    I S    G O O D    M E D I C I N E  !!

Just ask Paige Figi, John Malanca, The Stanley Brothers or Neurosurgeon Dr. Sanjay Gupta. The sad Truth is that Racial Hatred, Greed and Lies, ultimately led to the Criminalization of Marijuana in America, and this has had Dire Global consequences. Today, Marijuana helps to fuel the thriving 'For Profit', 'Mass Incarceration' of (mostly) Black and Latino Men in America. Unfortunately, we continue to Perpetuate America's Racist Agenda by incarcerating our Black Brothers and Sisters who are caught with this 'Healing Plant' . 

1.. As was eloquently stated by a Caribbean Citizen, “Cannabis prohibition began with no scientific, medical or social justification, and was initiated by the United States of America to harass and punish racial minorities. This was undoubtedly a Grave Injustice perpetrated against Humanity.

2.. It has been proven that Cannabis is a safe medicine that can effectively treat a wide variety of diseases/symptoms, Cancer, Asthma, Epilepsy, Lupus,  Chronic Pain, IBS, PTSD,  Life Threatening Seizures and Schizophrenia (just to name a few). By comparison, we have Alcohol, Tobacco and Pharmaceutical Drugs (all legal), which have caused the deaths of Millions Globally. The use of Cannabis can be incorporated into a Preventive Healthcare regimen where citizens can injest, Spray, Rub and Vaporize their way to better health. It seems Obscene that Farmers are able to use extremely Toxic and Carcinogenic Pesticides on commercial crops, thereby contributing to sickness & disease, while the Police continue to burn the Marijuana plants that have the potential to mitigate and even reverse the impact of those poisons in our bodies.

3.. Prior to 1937, Cannabis was legal and freely available in American Pharmacies. It was the source of Food, Paper, Medicine, Fiber, Fuel and Building Materials, and some even used it to pay their taxes. 

4.. Regulate it like Alcohol, Free up our Judicial System and Pardon/Release all Persons before the Courts or in Jail for non-violent Marijuana offences. Marijuana is a BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY, the Cultivation and Sale of it in Trinidad and Tobago can be a much welcomed Revenue Earner for the Government, and also for Citizens who acquire licences to do so. Ironically, a town called Trinidad, in Colorado, has gone from Bankruptcy to Prosperity since legalizing Marijuana in 2014. 

5.. Cannabis prohibition has caused social and economic hardship, separating and destroying families and criminalizing millions for merely possessing this Sacred Plant put on the earth by God for his children (Genesis 1:11, 12, 29).

As is the case with any medicine, Marijuana must be used responsibly, and anyone with a developing brain ought not to be smoking it or eating brownies with very high THC content. To the Government I say, please start a Campaign to Educate Citizens. We need to join the Decriminalization Movement now,  as it will not only improve the health and well being of Citizens, but the Economic Health of the Country as well. it's "High Time".

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