Stop all oil-drilling activities in the pristine, fragile Arctic.

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We must stop drilling for oil in the Arctic.

The fragile ecosystem of the Arctic is already greatly affected by the acceleration of climate change. In our desire to lead lives of convenience, we have put our reliance on plastics, energy generated by oil above the lives of animals living in the Arctic, like polar bears and seals. Unless we limit Arctic drilling, human activity will undoubtedly further ruin the lives of the wildlife there and affect the already fragile ecosystem. Not only this, but human activity in the largely undiscovered Arctic will surely add to the problems climate change already present.

I strongly believe that Arctic oil-drilling produces four main problems.

1. Arctic oil-drilling creates disastrous harms towards the Arctic wildlife: the ice-breaking and drilling will effect the echolocation abilities of many animals there and only further entrench their inability to find a safe haven in the area.

2. The Inuit, Inuvialuit, Iñupiat and Yupik communities that rely on the wildlife surrounding the area to put food on the table and perform traditions that have cultural significance, that give people in those communities a sense of individualism and identity that cannot be replicated.

3. Unavoidable risks of another oil spill. No oil company has the sufficient technology to prevent an oil spill in the Arctic, a remote area with extremely harsh conditions. The remote and isolated Arctic will make it near-impossible for oil cleanups to be possible, especially when we do not possess the technology required. A Gulf of Mexico or Exxon Valdez-scaled oil spill in the most pristine area in the world will prove to be catastrophic.

4. The oil drilling will only accelerate the environmental harms that climate change has brought to the Arctic. The human activity there will accelerate the melting of ice sheets and Arctic permafrost (which stores carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouse gases) that will greatly damage the environment even further.

This is a problem I am deeply passionate about because I care for the Inuit communities, the small groups of people that live in the Arctic’s most remote areas and the animals that call it home. Additionally, I care deeply for the environment and I know for sure that the oil the Arctic contains will only tempt companies to disregard the environmental risks and focus on the monetary gains they can yield. I oppose Arctic drilling because even though it could potentially create jobs in Alaska and surrounding areas, the risk of another oil spill is too great, especially in the pristine and unexplored Arctic.

Please sign this petition so I can garner more support and gain attention from influential figures that can help our cause and help our environment, making a positive change in the war against climate change. Sign this petition so we can all take a step forward as a united community to stop companies like Shell from further exploring in the Arctic for oil.

The continuation of Arctic drilling could come back to haunt us some day, in no way do the measly benefits of drilling for oil there outweigh the detrimental harms it presents to animals, communities, the environment and all of us as a human species.

We must stop drilling for oil in the Arctic immediately.

"Are we a nation that sells its soul for short-term profit at the expense of everything else? Especially during a time of surplus, when there are far cheaper and better places to drill. Or are we a nation that protects our natural heritage for future generations?" - Williams