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Poverty in the society

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''Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime''- by Aristotle

Poverty: Refers to the condition, in which the basic needs of human beings are not being met and people lack the necessary food, clothing, or shelter to survive, can be distinguished from relative poverty, which has been defined as the inability of a citizen to participate fully in economic terms in the society in which he or she lives."

Source: ; De La Salle University

Poverty is truly one of the biggest cases in the Philippines, which is why the government today is finding it difficult to deal with. It's easy to just eat the food we bought and then throw it in the trash can, and for the main part : it is not fully consumed, we buy clothes  and just throw the old ones away not knowing its worth to other people who is not having clothes to wear in sunlight or in the coldness of the breeze in the night, complains about the house while the other people does'nt have any. You see, we people doesnt value things that is not longer needed, its okay really. But dont waste it, instead go out and donate it. Help your fellow humans, help those people who are in need! Nothing will be taken away from you, but surely someone will thank you for the good deeds you have done. Share a piece of bread, clothes, or even money to the people who needed most of your help. So help me spread this awareness to the society, let's make this place a better one,not just in our country, but the whole nation. So, will you join me?

Let us help the ones who are in need and even if it will be a slow work, all we need is team work to finish the work�


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