Dennis King. Keep the Island closed to cottagers for now.

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We call on the Premier of Prince Edward Island, Dennis King to reconsider the plan to open the island to summer cottagers. 

We still do not have access to visit our loved ones in long term care, among many other struggles we are all dealing with. 
We have sacrificed a lot, and followed all the rules so that life can get back to normal, but one of the first steps towards normal, shouldn't be having more people come to Prince Edward Island. 

According to the following CBC article from April 28th entitled "Don't pollute your haven" Experts suggest the province itself remain in relative isolation from the rest of the world, at least for now — a key advantage so far, they say, in minimizing the local threat from the disease. Suggesting a more self contained economy with out much tourism.

As well they warn of  the psychological toll a second wave would have on the population, who at this point would feel they've beat covid, and potentially be forced to take a big step back into isolation etc, should things go wrong. 

No decision is set in stone. Remember you are a representative of the people of Prince Edward Island, and consider what the majority of Islanders want, and who your decisions represent. Islanders are welcoming yes. But not at the risk of our health. We can be welcoming when the time is right.