Reopening of schools amid second more intense wave of COVID 19!

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On the 4th of january 2021, After a lot of speculation by students and "research" by the education ministry's respective members. It was decided that schools be opened in phases of 9-10-11-12 classes be resumed on the 18th January 2021, Primary schools by 25-1-2021 and Universities etc on 1-2-2021. Now it is our job as students to disprove this unjust decision.

If you research for even 5 minutes about the 2nd wave of Covid-19, It is very clearly stated that this wave affects the ages of 16-25 and may affect young teens and pubescent children harmfully too. While knowing about this statistic, The ministry has not given a more favorable decision. In the first week of January Covid-19 cases have been in the 2000's daily and Pakistan has hit the 500000 mark as well, But even then rhe ministry has decided to open schools.


The reason of this opening of schools is pressure by the PSA (Private schools association). They are a department who supposedly think that a students life is their no.1 priority.LIES. They have shown time and time again that they only see us and our families as ATM Machines who they can milk. Now that a pandemic has ravaged the Earth, Their business is going as some families are not paying fees because they think that online classes dont deserve full fees. So they have decided to put pressure on the education ministry.

We want to Raise our voice Against on campus Examination, the country is Facing an increment of Aprox 2000 cases Daily Despite the closure of institutes.

We Lost our Loved ones in the 1st and 2nd wave. Many families got affected Due to their children carrying viruses to the Homes, the Elderly and the younger ones Suffered.

The Educational institutes were opened at 600 cases and the cases spiked to 3500 within few weeks in the previous Experiment. Now they are doing the Same mistake at 2000+ cases.

If they cared about the Health of teachers and students they Wouldn't have taken such steps. On campus Exams after online Education is No way Fair at all Either.

Recently, Pakistan Reported 2,007 New Cases and 40 Deaths on jan 8.

According to Latest Reports, First 3 cases of more infectious UK strain were Detected in Pakistan Last week.

In conclusion, the time is not right for the opening of schools and colleges yet as all of us know one person who has died of covid-19 or contracted.