Concession Fares for All Tertiary Students

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When the Opal Smartcard system was first introduced, it created an easier and cheaper way of accessing public transport.

However, the Opal Concession Cards for tertiary students are only available to "Australian Permanent Residents Or Citizens." This means that all international students and (New Zealand Citizens) are forced everyday, when using public transport, to pay full adult fares, such that if a journey with a concession card cost $5, It would cost the International/NZ Student $10, a monstrous 100% in price difference.

International Students must already pay their full uni fee upfront (And Most NZ Citizens must pay their subsidised fees upfront- they cannot defer payment via HECS.) Further adding financial strain to them by forcing them to pay Full Adult Fares, simply because of their citizenship and residency status, is not only unfair, it's discrimination

This must be changed so that international (and NZ) tertiary students are not unfairly forced into being monetarily exploited by the OPAL system. It is time to unite as one and enable International and NZ Students the Concession Opal Card which they should be entitled to!