Let's Stop Goat Lynching festival of Nepal.

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Khokana's Goat Drowning festival is one of the cruelest festival you could only imagine about. It take place every year in a place called Khokana of Nepal. The suffering the animal involved in this ritual goes through is beyond our wildest imagination, we would not want to be in their shoes.There, a goat is thrown into a pond.  An alive goat is tossed and manhandled by a group of people in a pond only to be slaughtered later for fun and celebration in the name of culture and tradition.Youths swim on that pond, grab the goat, lynch her, tear her, bite her and kill her in a real brutal way. She is scratched, mutilated, bitten at and drowned in the pond several times before it's life is taken away from it. Any rational person with a good moral value would totally be against this activity whether it be for tradition, culture or fun.
So we, the animal right activists from Nepal are seeking your help to end this senseless celebrations. In this day and age of internet we people from all around the world have power to change things. So, please sign this petition and help end this cruelty.