Reaching a permanent moratorium on oil and gas exploration offshore Montenegro

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Please sign the petition to stop the plans for drilling oil and gas in the Montenegrin part of the Adriatic Sea. These actions would seriously endanger the environment and people living in this region, and beyond!

We urge the Government of the Republic of Montenegro to pass a moratorium on the exploration of oil and gas in the Adriatic Sea for the reasons following below; furthermore, we implore the Council of the European Union and the United Nations Environment Program to exert pressure on Montenegro in order to prevent the devastation of its maritime resources. Additionally, the national authorities of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia and Italy, whose right to the Adriatic sea and its resources could be compromised by irresponsible actions on behalf of the Government of Montenegro, are also called on to state their concern over the planned exploration offshore this country.

1. Nowhere on Earth is there an example of a successful co-existence of tourism, based on a clean and preserved environment, with oil platforms. Exploitation of oil will destroy tourism in our part of the Adriatic.

2. Exploitation of oil in the Adriatic would mean increasing the toxicity of marine organisms, and thus a direct threat to our fisheries.

3. Scientists consider the exploitation and transportation of oil as the greatest threat to the marine environment. The average number of oil spills in the last 15 years in the North Sea is 600 per year, that is, 11 spills per week!

4. Exploitation of oil on the Adriatic means high quality jobs - FOR FOREIGN EXPERTS! Unlike tourism, the Adriatic oil drilling would not have created a significant number of jobs because oil companies have total freedom in determining employment conditions.

5. Citizens do not have any guarantee that the exploitation of oil in the Adriatic will contribute to increasing their standard of living. Most profits will go to oil companies, while tens of thousands of people live directly and indirectly from tourism.

6. Energy independence in Montenegro is guaranteed by renewable energy sources, not fossil fuels from the past centuries.

7. Montenegrin energy in the future will increasingly depend on international price movements on the market.

8. Science clearly states that 80% of the known fossil fuel reserves must remain underground if we want to avoid further catastrophic consequences of climate change, such as the large floods that hit the Balkans in May 2014.

9. Montenegro is not able to control tankers and Italian villagers in their own territorial waters. Then how does it consider it possible to control the work of international oil corporations?

10. The number of artificially-induced earthquakes increases up to 10 times in countries that explore oil and gas and penetrate the sea floor. Advocates of oil and gas exploration have no answer to the question regarding what these actions will bring in a seismologically extremely sensitive Montenegrin coast. The so-called Block 26, located on the map of planned drilling, was the earthquake epicentre in 1979!

*the text of the petition has been taken from the same petition put forward by Green Home, an environment-conservation agency based in Montenegro.