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No to biometric Identity card in Mauritius Island

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We want to have the freedom to choose to keep using our old identification card to access our bank account number and continue having access to all the services in Mauritius where you have to produce your ID card, we want to stop this nonsense about paying no more than Rs 100, 000 or going to prison for no more than 5 years if we still have our old ID ( we are no criminals, we just want our basic right to be respected) because we strongly believe that Mauritius is a democracy upon our legislation ''The Constitution guarantees to the citizen his fundamental rights: right to liberty and protection of the law, freedom of conscience, freedom of association, of movement and of opinion, freedom of expression, freedom of creed and of religious belief as well as the right to private property.'' Our fingerprint are our private property, our personal information are our private property and if we don't want to give them away we are free to do so or if not we are no longer living in a democracy 

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