Increase Maximum Penalties in Manitoba for Animal Abuse

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The humane treatment of pets needs to change. Lately, there have been stories in the news of pet owners and the mistreatment and abuse that their pets have been victim to. The current penalties in Manitoba for Animal Abuse are not only outdated but are simply not harsh enough. 

The Animal Abuse Act has a maximum jail sentence of 6 months for a first time offender and a fine of $10,000.00. Stricter penalties and more resources would assist in the elimination of this type of behavior. Simply put WE WANT A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY FOR ANIMAL ABUSERS. 

Please note I am currently doing research on new punishments but one change I would like to see right away:

"Anyone convicted of Animal Abuse will have to register as an Animal Abuser, no different than a sex offender. Simply put ZERO TOLERANCE.