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Stop Political Killings, Brutality & Forced Disappearances in Kenya

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What is going on in Kenya?

A 6-month old child, Samantha Pendo, was bludgeoned to death by the Kenya police while she slept peacefully in her parents' house. They broke into the house in Nyalenda village allegedly to look for protesters of the bungled 8/8 presidential election, and an innocent Samantha was killed.

On the 28th of July, 2017, just one week before Kenya's general elections, a chief elections official, Chris Msando, responsible for IT, was brutally murdered. He was the keeper of the passwords to the servers that were destined to house the votes to be tallied during the elections. With him was an innocent companion, Carol Ngumbu who was also killed.

After a petition was filed, the election was found to have had irregularities and illegalities, which led to its annulment by Kenya's Supreme Court. After the elections were nullified, more killings occurred in the hands of government forces, which was evidenced by many Kenya Defense Forces bullets left behind where the shootings occurred.

The Kenya Human Rights Commission has documented about 37 Kenyans  killed, with a pattern showing that the Luo Kenyans are the target. Human Rights Watch has documented ongoing sexual violence against women and girls in the hands of the government forces as political tensions continue to rise in Kenya. More Kenyans continue to be killed in the streets while protesting peacefully. 

The build-up of political and economic crimes in Kenya has not only left many in anger and unspeakable poverty, but a tiny percentage with ballooning stolen wealth has also created deep insecurity and restlessness. Kenya is at the cusp of a crisis which may lead to a revolution. How this revolution will unfold will depend on how the government in power handles the people's cry for justice.

We in the diaspora wish to see nonviolent change that will bring economic, social and political justice. Most of all, we call for the immediate end to the political killings, brutality and forced disappearances of Kenyans, a vice that continues to happen up to this moment.  Political violence has become a vicious circle that occurs in Kenya with every elections season.

Why should I sign this petition?

Enough is enough. If you're a Kenyan who is already discontented with the rampant corruption, the mysterious murders and mysterious disappearances of Kenyans, please sign this petition so that we have the collective voice with which to present our grievances:

First; to the government of Kenya so that it can follow the justice and reconciliation framework provided by the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission (TJRC), for the benefit of all Kenyans.

Second; to the international human rights bodies because Kenya is a part of the family of nations, and together, we can build a force to challenge the Kenya government over its responsibility to prosecute historical, political and economic crimes.

We must stop the bloodshed, the extrajudicial killings, the looming genocide and the rape of women and girls.


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