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27th April, 2017-

The Hindu, page 1 cautions us against "A Shrinking home for endemic birds". Researchers from 4 American universities found that for 17 of 18 bird species, the habitat distribution was smaller than the IUCN estimates. Almost 88% of the habitat of the Nilgiri Pipit has disappeared. The habitat range of the Malabar Grey Hornbill has dwindled to 43,060 square km. 

Also, there are well known instances of the TRAUMA of tigers, Indian leopards, civet cats, clouded leopards, and several species of snakes, other reptiles, insects, amphibians etc. (to name a few), who are forced to come to cities and villages in search of their prey.  The adverse effects of INHUMANE HUMAN ACTIVITIES have threatened the existence of several other species (flora and fauna). INBREEDING DEPRESSION in several organisms such as the White Cedar (whose seeds are dispersed by the Malabar Grey Hornbill and many other large birds)  due to HABITAT FRAGMENTATION has resulted in the deterioration of the intricate WEB OF LIFE. 

The Hindu mentions one of the major reasons behind this catastrophe on page 4. The Karnataka State Tourism Department wants to make "Karnataka visible" by popularizing "FOREST TOURISM" through ADVENTURE SPORTS. The Kali River (Dandeli), Kempu Hole and Kumaradhara will be possible destinations for kayaking. 

The lush green forests, rivers, backwaters, hills and mountain terrains of Gorur, Kabini, Bhadra and Hidkal will be EXPLOITED for trekking, rock climbing and aqua sports. 

 Kempu Hole, one of the main tributaries of the Netravati river has gone dry due to the ongoing large-scale destruction of the Western Ghats.  The current state of Kempu Hole should serve as a warning for the other tributaries of Netravati

In addition to these, the forest RESORTS AND LODGES have encroached upon that little habitat.

However, we have enough number of amusement parks in cities to give us the experience of adventure sports. Then isn't it UNNECESSARY  to create CHAOS in the HOME of SEVERAL other species. 

As the theme for Karnataka Tourism this year is "Year of the Wild", it is essential to take this initial step in conserving the pristine forests.



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