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Started by Discovery Bay CDC


Despite objections to the construction of a captive dolphin facility raised by the Marine Scientists of The University of The West Indies Marine Lab, Jamaica Environment Trust (JET), The Discovery Bay Community Development Committee and The Fishermen's Coop of Discovery Bay, the Government has granted a permit to a new Dolphin Cove attraction at the Puerto Seco Beach development.

Due process did not take place as there was no Town Hall meeting with the people of Discovery Bay.

We call on the Government of Jamaica to withdraw its approval for the construction of this facility because:

1. Discovery Bay is a Fish Sanctuary. The construction of the Captive Dolphin facility will damage the ecological health of the Bay due to the buildup of silt and disruption of existing currents.

2. The Bay is in a very calm cove and excrement from dolphins will not be quickly washed out into the open sea. This dolphin facility is being erected a few feet from swimmers it means everyone will be swimming in bacteria from the dolphin excrement. This will also pollute the Bay eventually damaging the coral reef and sea grass. This all spells disaster for this beautiful Fish Sanctuary.

3. Dolphins are one of the the most intelligent species on the planet. In the wild,dolphins swim in groups, up to 100 miles per day.  In captivity, this activity cannot be recreated and the dolphins suffer from separation anxiety, boredom, stress and depression. Dolphins in captivity are often put on antidepressant medication and even fertility drugs. Dolphins have been known to attempt suicide while in captivity.

4. Dolphins in captivity are being phased out all over the world. This will be the fifth of the exact same type of attraction that we currently have in Jamaica. Jamaica's Draft Dolphin Conservation policy requires a Carrying Capacity Study to be done before there are any more dolphin attractions in Jamaica. To our knowledge no such study has been done.

5. NEPA has stated that if the water in the Bay becomes negatively affected the permit will be withdrawn. We believe a precautionary principle should apply and we should not wait for damage to be done to take action.

Citizens of the world we must take a stand!    

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27,834 have signed. Let’s get to 35,000!