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"Rs 600 minimum wages per day for each worker in India for dignified standard of living".

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Rs 600/- a day is the minimal amount a poor worker require for dignified standard of living. Based on Arkyoid Formula, it is petitioned that the wages must be atleast equal to wages paid to  the  worker at lowest rung of hierarchy (to a multi task servant/peon) in the Government of India ( which called itself is the model employer ) i.e Rs 18000/- per month after implementation of 7th Pay commission.

The 15th Indian Labour Conference had recommended fixing minimum wages based on:

1. Per capita food intake of at least 2,700 calories for a worker’s family of three members
2. Per capita cloth of at least 18 yards per year
3. House rent at the rate of 10% of the expenditure on food and clothing
4. Fuel/lighting, etc. at the rate of 20% of expenditure on food and clothing

Decades later, the Supreme Court ordered that 25% of the expenditure on food, cloth, rent, fuel should be added as expenses on education, health, etc. to calculate the minimum wage.

Using this formula, at the current market prices, the cost of living per month for a family of three cannot be less than Rs 600 per day. The health expenses and education expenses are essential additional expenses and again there are expenses of getting connected to digital india without which no govt. services of the day are delivered. Still the criteria cannot be called as all inclusive for modern day’s decent standard of living in 21st Century.

The Supreme Court recently in State of Punjab vs. Jagjit Singh case has held that temporary employees would be entitled to draw wages at the minimum of the pay-scale (- at the lowest grade, in the regular pay-scale ), extended to regular employees, holding the same post. 

If the Hon'ble Supreme Court direct for parity between temporary/contractual labour and regular labour engaged in govt itself, why not the similar parity between workers at minimum of pay scale (Rs18000/- per month) in government and unskilled workers in private sector who in absence of job security needs more protection and better wages to tide up with vagaries of irregular nature employment in private sector.

Nobody would deny that any unskilled worker in Private sector is doing more toilsome work than a MTS/peon in government.

After all India is socialist state with declared ideal of social-economic justice for all and equality of status of opportunity in the Preamble in the constitution. Both cannot be achieved if a dignified universal wage is not provided to each and all without any discrimination. The principle of ‘equal pay for equal work’ enshrined in our constitution constitutes a clear and unambiguous right and is vested in every employee.

Similiarly Article 43 of the constitution evnvisages Living wages for the workers. It dictates that The State shall endeavour to secure, by suitable legislation or economic organisation or in any other way, to all workers, agricultural, industrial or otherwise, work, a living wage, conditions of work ensuring a decent standard of life and full enjoyment of leisure and social and cultural opportunities.

 More than 93 percent of workforce in the country which is tune to 450 million peoples are working at exceptionally low wages without any social security.


Roz Kamgar Shakti Sangathan appeals to all citizens of india to sign this petition to provide a dignified living to more than 93 percent of workforce and their families by ensuring Rs 600 per day as a minimum wages to all worker to provide them a decent standard of living indexed with the minimum wages of the lowest grade governmental official.



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