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Protect Net Neutrality

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I guess it is no news that net neutrality has been repealed by the FCC in the US. (A dark day and many more such days to come for the netizens of the United States of America). What happens now? Atrocity. The day has come when Internet Service Providers (BSNL, Vodafone, Airtel, etc. to name a few ISPs in India, Verizon, AT&T in the US) will have an iron hand on what you can and what you can't access on the World Wide Web. But what does that mean? To illustrate, there may soon be "packages" offered by ISPs, such as one granting access to sites like The Wikipedia and another premium package which can be purchased for a higher price that grants access to YouTube (just like DTH service providers do for TV channels). That obviously entails that the average netizen will have to cough out a LOT more money just to get the most out of the Internet, something that was meant to inspire good in the first place. Essentially, it is the ISP giants and the website owners that will be earning big (and i wish them the very best in their endeavours) but at what cost?! Simply, at the expense of the common man.

While that may not be the status quo of the Internet in India as I address you, God forbid, this monstrosity may befall us someday. How do we prevent that from happening? The answer lies in NET NEUTRALITY. Net Neutrality is our pricest possession, the most fundamental right of any netizen which ensures equal traffic across the Internet. 

TRAI guidelines for United Service Access license "promote" net neutrality, they don't ENFORCE it. Guess where I learnt that? A neutral Internet. Would I be able to learn it had net neutrality not existed? Probably not.

Hence, there needs to be in place some laws that will protect Net Neutrality. Such is the case in nations across Europe and such should be prevalent everywhere.

This may be a mere form seeking your signature and may not achieve much, but what it could do is set into motion something that everyone, as far as I can see, needs at this hour. A change is what we need. I know few things, but from the little that I know, I want laws protecting net neutrality and I am not the only one.

This petition aims at expressing our need for laws that enforce nwt neutrality. 

At the end of the day, these are just words which dont mean much without your valuable consent. So choose wisely and choose well. Happy surfing while it lasts.

Thank you and God bless.




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