Grant compensation to artists, musicians and technicians of Indian event industry

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Dear musicians and music lovers, 

Event organisers and artist promoters all over the world have been calling off all plans for live gigs due to the pandemic, as the novel coronavirus continues to spread.

The Indian Music Industry (IMI) said that its members have started to suffer on account of drastically reduced cashflows as film releases have been stalled and public performances revenues have dried due to cancelled music events and F&B outlets being shut.

For independent rock bands and musicians, streaming platforms and album sales hardly contribute to the income due to lack of distribution and reach. Hence, live performances have remained the primary source of income for most of them, which right now is on complete halt.

From what we understand, the situation might not improve over next 6 months.

While artists are putting forward a great effort in keeping music lovers entertained via FB and Instagram live, there's isn't a straightforward way to monetise these and artists aren't really earning from this. 

The lack of events or live gigs not only effects the musician community, but also creates strain on livelihood of sound and light engineers, graphic designers, lyricists, studios, jampads, ticketing platforms and venue owners. 

The complete eco system that has kept you entertained night after unemployed now and most of them are struggling to make a living. 

Keeping this dire situation in mind, we would like to appeal to Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi ji, and Finance Minister Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman  to introduce an economic package of 1 lakh Crore to compensate artists, musicians and technicians for the losses due to Covid 19. 

Please join hands and sign this petition so that we can get media and GOI to take notice of this and take required action.