Declare 'Amphan' A National Disaster!!

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The super-cyclone “Amphan” struck the coastal areas of West Bengal on Wednesday, 20th May 2020, lashing a wide area with ferocious downpour and gust of wind.  The city of Kolkata, Howrah and its adjacent districts have never faced such a devastating picture in last 200 years. 
Thousands of trees uprooted, electricity, mobile connectivity, telephone connections, cable Connections brought down and tens of thousands of houses flattened
City roads are blocked as big trees have fallen all over the city roads. People are helplessly under distressed conditions. WB state government has tried to fight to the best of its abilities to evacuate around four million people to safer places, but the rage of this super-cyclone has overpowered all the efforts shown by the man-made systems to fight against it.  At least 72 people have died in the state of WB.  Many have turned homeless and food-less.  The wind’s gusting of 185 KMPH has turned the southern part of WB to a desolate land.  Humans and animals have helplessly died as a result of this demonic natural disaster.  Villages have been flooded, crops destroyed, public utilities shut down in a large stretch of areas.

In spite of all these devastations and the deplorable plight of the southern parts of WB, no national media coverage of such lethal natural calamity has been telecast.  No national TV channels tried to cover it properly.  These packs of coward National Media Channels have to give answers to the people of Bengal for keeping themselves in abeyance from telecasting this terrific natural disaster in Bengal – what stopped them from doing so?  They have to seek apology from the people of WB for such an inhuman attitude and their pseudo professionalism.

I further put my humble request to the office of Govt of India to declare such a massive natural calamity as a “National Disaster” and stand beside the hapless people of WB and bring back the normalcy in the state as fast as possible.

Stand beside the government of WB and extend your helping hand without any minute of delay. Please deploy emergency team to take all necessary actions to help millions of people who are stranded and really nowhere.

I therefore request each and every subject of the state of WB who receive this petition – positively sign it and spread the same among your acquaintances so that it reaches the right destination and effective measures take place.


Yours sincerely,
Sandip Dey