Bharat Ratna for SPB

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God of music to many, inspiration to Crores, the man who built bridges to souls of music lovers across southern India, the impact which he had cant b measured, he gave lives to thousands and saved many depressed minds thru is soulful singing. 5 decades of contionus service to music industry maintaining same aura and panache is parallel to none. Only fitting tribute that th govt can show to him is by honoring him with Bharat Ratna, it will b a justice to people of TN, Karnataka, A.P, Telangana & Kerala and many other fans of his across India & world over.. singing in 16 languages is no mean feat.

Many film heroes made name fame and money by his singing, he was the real hero behind their face. They acted to his songs. It is said that he has sung to over 250 artists across 5 industries, other than that he was a very good actor and dubbing artist lending his voice to many heroes. 

He was talent personified. 

No words can match his achievements, it has been experienced only by crores of music lovers .

V his fans request the Indian govt with folded hands to consider award this Servant of Musics, life a fitting tribute by honoring him with BHARAT RATNA.