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Ban Triple Talaq- an abhorrent practice of unilateral divorce in India

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Time and again civil society and the hapless victims of Triple Talaq in India have tried to raise a voice against the abhorrent practice. Triple Talaq enables a man to simply utter the dreaded words thrice and unilaterally divorce his wife. To date, these voices of dissent have fallen on deaf ears. According to a survey conducted by Mumbai-based Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan, nearly 92 per cent of Muslim women want a total ban on oral unilateral divorce. Many cases have come to light where women are now increasingly being divorced over media platforms such as Skype, text message and whatsapp. This is travesty of justice in a country that promises equality to both men and women.

 While the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB), admits that as per the Quran and Hadith, the correct process for Talaq is for the word to be said once per month over a period of three months, the powerful group has been resistant to change and claims that once uttered, the process is deemed complete. According to an old fatwa, Triple Talaq is considered a crime but no punishment is given to men who make use of this method to break the sanctity of marriage. It is ironic that many countries have banned this method including the Muslim countries of Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and even closer to home, the neighbouring nations of Pakistan and Bangladesh and yet the practice is still seen as legal and is being misused in our secular country. The problem stems from the fact that Muslim law in India is not codified, which means it is subject to the interpretation of the Clergy.

 The time has come now to put pressure on the Government and the AIMPLB and do away with this medieval atrocity which makes a mockery of the justice system and goes against the Article 14 of our constitution which guarantees a universal ‘Right to Equality’. This arbitrary method of divorce is neither Islamic nor in line with the constitutional system. There simply is no room in modern Indian society for such a misconstrued tradition. Triple Talaq needs to be done away with. The Muslim divorce law needs a complete overhaul and to make this happen we need your support! Please sign this petition to help us put a complete ban on this crime against women in our country.


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