Gibraltar wants a PUBLIC Sex Offenders Register & paedophiles to remain on it for life

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This petition is directed at the Government of Gibraltar (GoG):

WE CALL UPON H.M. Government of Gibraltar to publish and make public the Sex Offenders Register without delay. Furthermore, we ask that paedophiles should remain on the register for life.

Here’s a little background information if you are in doubt about signing this :

It is a well known fact that the majority of people who have been physically or mentally molested will never report the perpetrator.

It is also a fact that the responsible sex offender/ child molestor/ paedophile is often a close family friend or a relative. and likely to be someone who relates well with children and is involved in paid or volunteer work involving children.

It is therefore worrying that the trend and ever increasing court cases involving alleged paedophiles in Gibraltar is clearly just the tip of the iceberg.

We therefore have a much bigger problem that we think or care to acknowledge. For this reason, we call upon the GoG to urgently make public the SEX OFFENDERS LIST as is done in most developed and caring countries. The law as it stands seems to protect the criminal instead of the victim even though the victim in many instances may be psychologically destroyed for life the perpetrator are shielded and protected. 

The world is ever-changing and, unlike the Gibraltar of old when everyone knew each other, this is no longer the case thus we need to adapt, modernize and get tougher measures in place. We need to ensure decent civilians are given the tools that will help us all to protect our vulnerable children- and put the criminals in their rightful place.

ABSOLUTELY NO ONE, no matter their position, their wealth, social standing or sexual preference should be allowed to get away with such a crime. No one must be protected from being named and doing nothing we have to assume that someone in the ‘right’ place is being protected hence the reluctance to amend the law. 

Still want to read more? Here’s a superb article with interesting facts on the Characteristics & Behavioral Indicators of a Paedophile.