Stop the "Re-Education" Torture of Muslims in Xinjiang

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In an attempt to "curb religious extremism", Xinjaing, China officials are expanding "re-education camps" to imprison Muslims in the area and "teach" them that their religion and culture are wrong, by starving them and torturing them until they give up their beliefs and praise communist China.
According to news reports, over a hundred thousand are currently in these camps, but they say over the last year and a half, a million muslims have been imprisoned. The conditions of the camps have been described as "Nazi-style concentration camps". Forced to sleep in cabins with over 40 other people, some have said that it was impossible. It was so crowded, they couldn't lay down. They were being watched at all times by heavily armed guards. It was described that before they could eat their meager rations, when they were allowed to eat, they were forced to chant, “Thank the Party! Thank the Motherland! Thank President Xi!”. The inmates had sessions lasting hours where they had to repeat everything wrong about themselves and their religion over and over. If they ever disobeyed, they would be tied to a "tiger chair" for 24 hours, have their head held in ice water, and much worse.
China is torturing Muslims in order to change their beliefs. This anti-Muslim human rights violation is unforgivable. No matter what anyone thinks of religion, people should never be treated this way. We are demanding China to release Muslims being held and shut down these camps, forever.