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Ban Photoshop and Regulate BMI Levels in the Fashion Industry

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Many women in today’s society constantly face the ongoing pressure and expectations associated with their body image, which in most cases stems from the portrayal of women in the media and fashion industry. The fashion industry convinces women that they must be society's version of “perfect,” which is distorting their mental perception of what they look like and forcing many to engage in risk behaviours in belief that they can measure up to this idealistic goal.

This matter of contention has developed from the core issue of unregulated Body Mass Index (BMI) levels in models and photoshop in the Canadian fashion industry. Currently, there are no health restrictions or regulations implemented on high fashion models, encouraging many to engage in risk behaviours and develop eating disorders. The World Health Organization considers people with a BMI level below 18.5 to be underweight and possibly malnourished, yet many Canadian models fall within that life-threatening range. This is conjoint with the issue of excessive photoshop on models in the fashion industry, in order to make the models thinner and essentially flawless.

Canada must pass a law that regulates the BMI levels of models, in such a way that if a model is undernourished or at a state of famine, they must not be hired. With this, Canada must also ban the digital alteration of photos in public ads, unless stated that the image has been photoshopped. It is crucial for Canada to implement these laws in order to change the mentalities in the fashion industry about what is considered acceptable in terms of body image. Countries such as Spain, France, and Israel have already taken similar measures in order ensure of the health and safety of their models, while also returning confidence to the women of their countries.

Passing these laws will not only ensure of the health and safety of current models in the Canadian fashion industry, but also promote and encourage a healthy lifestyle amongst women across the nation. I am personally asking each and every Canadian to stand up for what is right by supporting me with this cause, and sign the petition in hopes of getting the attention of the Canadian Government.

We must encourage young girls and women to celebrate who they are, and show them that they must not compare themselves to the unhealthy images and models in the fashion industry.

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