#EndZoosInCanada: One Slaughter Standard in Canada & Organic Free Range Farming Only.

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We ask Bill 54 of Quebec be made a Federal Law in Canada-Animals Are Sentient Beings.  Contact your local MPP, MP, and the PM too. 

#EndZoosInCanada will facilitate that animal ethics and sentience inspectors be systematically brought into each Canadian zoo, aquarium, race track, farm,  including slaughter houses for ritual slaughter.
It will be proven that all these animals are being kept in prison areas, far too small to compare to their actual natural land mass habits.

We seek to end abuse.
Boredom, harassment, noise, confinement, assault, and being compelled to entertain and work, is not a life for a sentient being. Sacrificial throat cutting while an animal is conscience is not acceptable in Canadian Law. 

Demand Organic Free Range Only For Canada!

Compliance, bias and normalization are not excuses for suffering. 

Amend Section 445.1 of Canada's Criminal Code to clearly include unnatural confinement of all zoo/aquarium animals, all work animals,
and all entertainment animals; plus free range farming only for Canada with one slaughter standard.  

May all zoos send their animals to sanctuaries until natural death, and end zoos from Canadian society.  End all marine captivity, birds and all animal confinements.  

Cruelty to Animals Canadian Law.
Causing unnecessary suffering.
445.1 (1) Every one commits an offence who
(a) wilfully causes or, being the owner, wilfully permits to be caused unnecessary pain, suffering or injury to an animal or a bird;

Humans feel self entitled to control all animals on Earth, which is a pompous notion passed on to us throughout history.

All animal farming in Canada needs to be Free Range only. Support Quebec's Bill 54 Federally. Make Canada lead by example in animal rights.

#EndZoosInCanada stand for Secular Non-Bias Government.
Humane slaughter only, and no exemptions for rituals.

Current Canadian Food Inspection Law is loosely worded, allowing the possibility outside one standard- "or post-cut stunning is encouraged whenever possible." is not good enough, and unacceptable behaviour towards a sentient being.

Chapter 12: Food Animal Humane Handling and Slaughter – Animal Welfare Requirements-Canadian Food Inspection Agency.
It is asked that Ritual Slaughter Process, and 12.7.4 Mechanical Stunning be worded to reflect equal slaughter for all animals. No ritual exemptions for cutting the throat of an animal before it has been fully incapacitated as all other animals are in slaughter.  #EndZoosInCanada asks for one slaughter standard, and Secular Non-Bias Government.  
Current Laws:

12.7.4 Mechanical Stunning -There are two types of acceptable mechanical stunning equipment:

1-Captive bolt stunning devices (pneumatic and cartridge fired)
It is asked rituals take place only after the animal has been shot in the head properly according to Law. Ritual Slaughter Process
Head only reversible stunning, before ritual slaughter or post-cut stunning is encouraged whenever possible.

End Animal Testing in Canada.

Allow humans to step forward for medical research purposes. End the captivity of animals in the name of science.  Research labs will be protested.

#TargetsOfFreedom are all locations, companies, research labs, farms, zoos and race tracks which use animals for their benefit through suffering, abuse,
captivity, testing, enslaved entertainment - and any other activity not acceptable to sentient beings.
The Canadian public will boycott the offending products and services; relentlessly and peacefully protest locations of operation until change has taken place.
#EndZoosInCanadal advocates Quebec's Bill 54, and will have every installation inspected by officials in Canada to prove in-natural imprisonment. Animals are sentient.
#EndZoosInCanada stand for Secular Non-Bias Government.

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Stephen Perin, President - #EndZoosInCanada.

The President of #EndZoosInCanada is Stephen Perin, a Secular Humanist/Freethinking Atheist,
and Registered (Non)Religious Official for The Province of Ontario with Humanist Canada; member of the media industry for 20 years, now retired.
Memberships include: #IWasCutToo, #TeachMeEqually, #IdleNoMore, #AntifaCanada, #BlackLivesMatter, #DyingWithDignityCanada, #MeToo, #HumanistCanada, #PrideToronto, #MedicalMarijuanaCanada, #EndZoosInCanada, and #AnimalRightsCanada.
#EndZoosInCanada does not have any links to any other animal rights group/campaigns, or any federal political party; and acts alone as a Secular Action Group.
#EndZoosInCanada facilitates the need to advocate, support, and to legally act for Animal Rights in Canada.
#EndZoosInCanada firmly opposes sexism, racism, bigotry, ageism, homophobia and transphobia.
We impugn no gender, race or religion, but assert that the rights of animals are part of universal rights.

#EndZoosInCanada stand for Secular Non-Bias Government.