#EndZoosInCanada Campaigns To Bring Quebec's Bill 54 Federally, End Zoos And Race Tracks.

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#EndZoosInCanada asks all Canadians to boycott and protest all zoos, aquariums and race tracks; and to protest animal testing labs throughout Canada.

End your support of animal captivity and entertainment slavery.
We ask Bill 54 of Quebec be made a Federal Law in Canada-Animals Are Sentient Beings.
#EndZoosInCanada will facilitate that inspectors be systematically brought into each zoo, aquarium and race track.
It will be proven that all these animals are being kept in prison areas, far too small to compare to their actual natural land mass habits.
Boredom, harassment, noise, confinement, and being compelled to entertain, is not a life for a sentient being.
Compliance, bias and normalization are not excuses for suffering.
Shame to all Canadians that enable these behaviours by taking their children or students to zoos.
The National Geographic has a wide range of scientific media to teach and show people about animals in their natural environments.
Humans feel self entitled to control all animals on Earth, which is a pompous notion passed on to us throughout history.
#EndZoosInCanada stand for Secular Non-Bias Government.

Contact your local MP and demand zoos and race tracks end in Canada.