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“FIX” CPIC - Canadian Police Information Centre and stop the abuse.

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CPIC – The Canadian Police Information Centre is “broken”, and there has been attempts to make this known to the public.


Also, there is wide spread abuse of this police database by officers across the country.


The police have published much in the media, warning people to be careful about what they write on public social media… as it can have devastating effects on people’s lives.


Yet, they do not take the same advice on their private social media, CPIC… which people do not have access to.


The impact of this affects people’s lives, from preventing them employment opportunities, rumors being spread socially - as the police do not have to adhere to any privacy laws, wrongful convictions… to police brutality cases, police killings and no accountability for their actions.


CPIC information is shared across Canada, the United States, with Interpol [the International Police] and other countries. The United States also has their own police database.


Various news medias in Canada have written articles about these problems with CPIC, and even Members of the Canadian Parliament have written extensively about this.


Other officers accept the information posted on CPIC as fact, and act and react to it. This also applies to other government agencies influencing and being influenced by what is posted on CPIC.


Many people are affected and do not even know it. At times some people may wonder why an officer may treat them poorly on the roadside, why they did not get the job, and the list is endless.


Many people may say they don’t mind, as they do nothing to warrant them being posted on CPIC. Not realizing, someone else may deem them suspicious for whatever reason. It can even be as simple as making someone angry at you, including a police officer in a personal or professional capacity.


People may even say they have nothing to hide, which is their opinion and may not be someone else’s opinion. Opinions differ to facts and vary with each person.


CPIC has become filled with police officers’ personal opinions, which is no better than the average person. No amount of education or training changes their opinions to be better than most. There are other social issues to further support this problem.


Even case law supports this, as observed with R. v. Ford, 2002 YKTC 9 (CanLII), paragraph 21… paraphrased, “an officers’ evidence is no better than a laypersons’, and is not entitled to no more or less credibility”.


If the courts recognize the above said, then restrictions need to be in place with the police social media of CPIC... as it is automatically assumed whatever written is true and factual.


The problem is only going to become worse than it is now. Restrictions must be implemented to stop this problem. CPIC, and police record checks were only to monitor and share information of real [convicted] criminals and their [real] criminal activities, to protect the public... based on factual evidence, and not based on suspicion, theories, misinformation, opinions, etc. The police would have the public believe, their suspicion, theories, misinformation, opinions, etc. work more times than not... in fact, it is very much the opposite.


Limitations must be in place to as to what information is posted on CPIC, by whom and transparency to the person named. This means not redacting information when requested.


I have personal interest with this topic, as this problem almost cost me my life on May 4th 2013… which continues to this day. I also have a career history, giving me somewhat intimate knowledge of this in a professional capacity. For more on my story, an example video of mine...


I want to be clear, I am not speaking poorly about police or government... I am against injustice, and only wish to make things right.


Remember, you can be the next victim of a broken CPIC. Sign now and support fixing the CPIC problem.

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