Petition to redesign and change the flag of British Columbia

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Hello everyone

MemesofBC is here and I have finally decided to use my following for something important. So lemme ask you, how ugly is the BC flag? The gross yellow crown, no mountains, no green on it or anything, and then a massive Union Jack to remind us of our past colonial overlords. Also lemme get out of the way that I don't hate the monarchy at all lmao, I just believe we should have a flag that represents us, and the greatest place on earth. Let's change the BC flag to something sick af my dudes. I wanna add that I'm not coming up with some design you all have to agree on, I want the flag to be redesigned and approved in a similiar style to what New Zealand is doing or what Canada did back in the day when changing the Red Ensign. I think it should be submission based and then voted on. Think of all we could do. I mean, we could get some native art in there somewhere, and maybe some sick ass mountains, or like an animal or something, who knows. I want our flag to represent where we come from, and what our modern province looks like. Sign the petition, let's get this bread lmao. #hardforbc