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Ask the Government of Brazil to take urgent action to stop deforestation

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The ultimate destruction of tropical rainforest in the Amazon is imminent. Clear-cutting and forest burning has gotten out of control, with over 20,000 square miles of rainforest being lost every year. Carbon Dioxide is sent up into the atmosphere in heaps as trees are burned, and entire ecosystems hundreds of thousands of years old are obliterated. As high school students, this destruction has had a profound impact on our lives. One of us, a native Venezuelan, has seen the Amazon tropical rainforest firsthand and the sheer beauty and wonder that lies within it. This forest is the lungs of our planet, and with the continuing clear-cutting and burning our world is suffocating. The government regulations are too lenient for companies, who destroy hundreds of acres for small amounts of palm oil. With stronger regulations on how much cutting and burning can be done, when, where and by whom we can save the rainforest. A carbon tax as well as palm oil tax must be levied on all companies gaining profit from the Amazon, discouraging them from getting resources from the rainforest and going to greener and cleaner options. Even though we are both still high school seniors in Houston, nowhere near a tropical rainforest, we still believe that with enough help we can make a difference. We started small, by reducing paper and wood consumption, reducing oil consumption and buying fair trade goods and palm oil free goods. We care about the planet, about our future, and we must change now in drastic way to prevent an ecological collapse. The tropical rainforest is in danger all around the world, and the Amazon is just the beginning. By signing this petition you are bringing the planet one step closer to restoring itself, to stopping corrupt government regulations and reversing global warming. With your help we will work towards a cleaner, greener planet for you, for us, and for future generations to come.

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