Make it a crime to hit a cat with a car and leave it without reporting it

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I feel so strongly about this after my cat was hit by a car down the road from my house,the person who hit him didn’t stop they just left him. Somebody else had to pick him up for me.Cats deserve as much justice as dogs do they’re still both animals and not one is more important than the other.

Olsen and Allen (2001) found that 51% of outdoor-access cats that suddenly and unexpectedly died were the result of road traffic accidents.

There isn’t much that can be done about cats going near busy roads as cats love to wander, but what we can do is make sure people drive safely and if they do happen to hit a cat, the least they can do is stop and report it/take it to the vet. It will make a big difference if this is changed, i believe it will make people drive more cautiously and be more aware of cats on the road. 22 cats have been killed in the same place mine was and that number shouldn’t be so high, I believe the number is so high because people know they don’t have to report it so continue to be careless.