Lower the age for breast check screenings in Ireland.

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As a lot of people know, I myself was diagnosed with Breast Cancer on the 1st of October at 24 years of age. Since being diagnosed I’m hearing more and more about younger women being diagnosed with breast cancer. More often than not these women are under the age of 50 yet Ireland’s age of eligibility for breast check screenings is 50! 

Something needs to change and fast. Cancer does not wait nor does it discriminate. It is on the breast check website “if breast cancer is found earlier it is more likely to be easier to treat”. With the average life expectancy of a woman in Ireland being 81 years of age in what universe is 50 considered early?. Women need to be aware that this can happen to them at any age just as it happened to me at 24! There are so many women I have crossed paths with under the age of 50 that have been diagnosed and that’s just who i’ve met or came in contact with. Our health system is letting us down by leading us to believe this isn’t an issue! 

Please join me in an attempt to call on the government to lower the age of eligibility to look after our mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, cousins etc & also our male friends and relatives! Although it is not as common in men as it is women it is still possible. We need to raise awareness on this issue as many younger women/men could be going on undiagnosed & unaware. Like they said the earlier the detection the easier it may be to treat! I don’t want what has happened to me to happen to any more young women/men in our country! We deserve to have a good chance at detecting these problems before it’s too late! 

Thank you.