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Legalization of Death Penalty in the Philippines

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Death Penalty needs to be implemented in the Philippines. And here are the advantages.

It deters bad people to commit heinous crimes.
One reason supporters of the capital punishment are for death penalty is its effectiveness as a crime deterrent. According to the advocates for death sentencing, potential criminals will be scared to suffer such harsh punishment and as a result, they will be hesitant to commit crimes like rape and murder

It is what hardened criminals deserve.
Some of the crimes that are under capital punishment include murder and rape, depending on the country or state legalizing the practice. For pro-death penalty, there are criminals who are repeat offenders and not scared to rape and murder again, knowing they will only be imprisoned.   


It reduces the number of committed crimes.
People who are for death penalty posit that without it, the number of major crimes like murder and homicide will escalate since bad elements will not be afraid to do whatever they want., from dealing drugs to killing other people. Without harsh punishments for their offenses, criminals will be taking advantage of weaker people and victims.


The government need not spend for criminals who are murderers and such.
Death penalty costs the government less compared to the costs of life imprisonment because they will be given the expenses of food, health care and other costs that will sustain their lives. Some critics says that spending for people who committed such heinous crimes is impractical and just a waste of taxpayers’

Personally, we really care about the status of the Philippines especially the Filipinos' status of way of living. We don't want crimes anymore and we believe that this is the only way to change the corrupted country. 

If this would be implemented, then we promise you all of these advantages to be fulfilled and a change in the budget for the government for other sectors.

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