KG, 27

KG, 27

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 Originally started for world mental health week.


As most people know my brother took his life on the  3rd January 2019.

My brother was only 27 at the time and had a gorgeous daughter who he has left behind. His family loved and still love him unconditionally, but unfortunately he thought this was the only way to escape. 6 months of the best fight he ever gave in his life but he lost.

My brother was targeted over social media (facebook).

With suicide being rife in Northern Ireland and all over the world i am taking a stand against it.

I would like this petition to get enough signitures to put in front of our government to put a stop to people being targeted on the internet and social media. I would like our government to make a law against this, so people can not get away with making somebody feel this low that taking their life is the outcome. And that something can be done about this quicker before we loose more lives. People need to be held accountable for the actions they use towards other that results in a life lost.

I appreciate your time and signiture, and thank you for supporting my petition.