Don’t forget Ltd company business owners during COVID-19

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The chancellor has done a great job so far for the employed, the unemployed and the self employed. However, small business owners who run their business as a Ltd company, get nothing. We are expected to pay our staff their 80% of wages (before knowing when we will get this paid back as a grant) and without a property lease, no £10,000 rates grant is available. So the people who work hard to develop their business, who give so much in taxes to the country and create jobs, work for suppliers and offer services to the community have been forgotten. 
please government - do not forget the people who risked everything to underpin what is great about the U.K. by being entrepreneurs. We are being forgotten and left without financial support - this means our companies will fold, the jobs we are being asked to protect will no longer exist. This is surely an oversight and easy to address.