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Support the American Anti-Corruption Act

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When corporations contribute money to political campaigns and pay lobbyists, they have influence over politicians. The politicians support laws that benefit the corporations that helped put them in office and those laws are often what is not what the majority of Americans want. When 30 major US corporations made a profit of over $200 Billion Dollars in the last 4 years and paid no taxes, we know it is corporate money in politics behind this. When more than 10,000 Americans die each year from gun violence and 90% of Americans support gun safety laws but Congress does not pass a gun safety law, we know the corporate gun lobby is responsible. We can reclaim our democracy to represent all of us by removing money from politics so we have a fairer and safer country. We can save many lives with gun safety. With fair taxation that has corporations and the wealthy pay the same effective tax rate as the middle class, we can raise more than $500 Billion Dollars a year for pre school through college education for all, rebuild the infrastructure with a green grid that would create millions of good paying jobs and save millions of lives from pollution related diseases and to reduce the deficit.

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