Stop catalytic converter theft

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I recently had two catalytic converters stolen from my wife's honda jaz and my honda accord. We are a hard working family and these thugs did this overnight and the cost was well into £2000 mark.

Thieves are doing this in public car parks whilst people are shopping. The police seem to be doing nothing about it. Afte 6 weeks not a single word from the met police about my case.

It is high time the police and government start patrolling the streets and stopping these thugs. Vehicle manufacturers should be forced to build better protection to these cat converters as they are too easily accessible and it takes the thieves 1.5 minutes to steal the cat converters.

This is costing insurance companies a lot of money and in return it is us the tax payers that are ending paying for it in increased premiums year by year. 

There are cat converter clamps that perhaps should be made mandatory for manufacturers to have installed and built into their cars.