Abolish current PIP assessment, replace with one that considers all disabilities.

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Following on from a widespread open letter to the DWP regarding the rejection of my sisters claim for PIP we have started this petition with an aim of abolishing the current PIP assessment and replacing it with one which considers the effects of non visible disabilities and illnesses. 

My sister suffers with epilepsy and dissociative seizures and episodes. She has been signed off of university and work for a year due to the severity of her condition. She has medical evidence from her neurologist and video evidence of what happens to her during a seizure or episode. However, following a PIP assessment she has been rejected. We have been contacted by thousands of other people in similar situations, this is not an isolated case. It is clear through discussions with other people who have been through the system and ex DWP assessors that a substantial amount of these rejected cases are overturned on appeal or at tribunal. However, the original assesment should be sufficient for those with medical proof of their disabilities and illnesses in the first instance. How does the government expect people who have been deemed medically unfit to work to survive financial and mentally whilst going through the appeals process. 

The original assessment needs to be fit for purpose and inclusive of all disabilities and illnesses, as opposed to being discriminatory to those that aren’t visible.