Shut Down Papanack Park Zoo

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As an animal lover and activist I am sick to my stomach and deeply saddened by what I just found. PAMANACK PARK ZOO.
Located just north of Ottawa is a a wild life sanctuary... but really it's more like a torture chamber for innocent creatures.

Around the world, animals are subjected to cruelty and denied even on the most basic considerations. The same rights of life & liberty that we believe for humans should be protected for animals as well. And it is up to us to make it happen. It's time to take action on animal rights.
Take a stand and help me close down this zoo and transfer these animals into a proper sanctuary where they will be properly cared for.

This is very hard to watch but this is what's happening. Graphic and uncomfortable content

These animals deserve so much better. ♡ You can also help my reporting there IG page and writing a review on what your about to see on google reviews.