Make it law to declare cats injured in RTCs.

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We want the law changed that states you DO NOT have to report an accident if you hit a cat.

Domestic cats are pets, and a big part of peoples lives, they are family members and hearts are broken and shattered when a cat is injured or killed in a RTC.

Due to the current law, that states you DO NOT have to report an accident involving a cat, some owners NEVER find out what happen to their pet, and many cats die as a result of their injury's which could be treated if only this incident is reported.

Below is a tribute to our family pet, 1 year old Nero. Who was hit by a car and left in the road, the resulting injury's killed him.

He was left at the mercy of passers by to help him through this horrific incident, and broke our family's heart.

Please please please, share, sign and pass this petition on until it becomes LAW  to declare a RTC involving a cat. No pet should suffer. No pet.


Neros tribute.

My name is Nero.

On the 16th of this month, I celebrated my first birthday.
My family brought me treats and toys, made a fuss of me and gave me love.

I was the king of my home. Everyone from my family to visitors to the postman knew me, and everyone knew my house, was my house, I could get away with anything!

I made friends with the kids down the street and met them from school. Getting belly rubs and being made a fuss of.

My best friend is 3 years old and she loves me so much, she reads me bedtime stories, and let's me sleep in her bed and even let's me finish her dinner when she's had enough.

I recognized my mums car and used to run along side the pavement when she came home from work to meet her.

My name is Nero on on the 18th of this month I finally got the courage up to explore the end of my street, it was getting late but I don't go to bed till 10pm so I wanted to play.

While I was out exploring, waiting for my mum to come home, while my dad waited at home for me to let him know I was ready to come in and go to bed, while my best friend was at a sleepover ...
Somebody hit me with their car.

Somebody broke my leg, and my face, and cause a brain bleed.
Somebody left me At the side of the road, meters from my loving home, Scared and in pain.

All to get wherever they were going 5 mins faster ...

But I had a angel. A vet nurse, who found me. Took me to hospital and called my family.
I wasn't in pain for long. But I couldn't fight through my injury's. My family arrived so sad, streaming tears, hearts breaking and stayed with me cuddling and kissing me while I passed.

My name is Nero.
And two days after my first birthday I was cruelly ripped from my family, from my best friend. And from this life.
Because someone was in a hurry to get nowhere.

Look out for my friends, look out for others like me. I was curious, and young and I was just exploring the world around me.

Please let my life be a lesson. I may startle you, but if you slow down and beep the horn, I'll move.

I didn't deserve to end my life like that.