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Protection for My Brothers and Myself

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Hi, my name is Joseph.  I am a victim of abuse.  My father, David Domingo Ramirez Ruiz, from Highland, New York, is dangerous.  When I was younger my father would put dirty clothes, including underwear, in our mouths and beat us.  HE would hit us, yell at us, lock us in rooms, put hot sauce in our mouths and was just an abusive person.  He even hung us over a bridge and said that he was going to drop us because he was mad.  I didn't tell my mom because he would beat her too.  He broke bones in her neck because she was protecting us one day.  But one day I went to school and they didn't believe my story of how I got my bruise and I told them and they told my mom.  She made my father leave.  He didn't stop trying to hurt us though.  My mom would make us call him and he would curse at us and one night he came to my house with his friends and I opened the door.  He threatened to kidnap and kill me and my brothers and kill my whole family.  We called the cops.  The last time that I saw him he put his hands around my brothers neck and I jumped up and punched him in his face.  My mom drove away and I thought we were finally free of his abuse.  Unfortunately family court and my father are trying very hard to make us see him and even take us away from my mom who has never hurt us and would do anything for us.  He is an illegal criminal who has been arrested many times.  My mom and her lawyer try so hard to keep us safe but family court and his lawyer do not care about our safety.  I would like to have him deported and keep my brothers and me safe. There are undocumented immigrants in this country who deserve to be here like my Titi, but he is not one of them. My mom works hard and even joined the military to help our country.  My grandfather was in D-Day and my uncles were in Vietnam.  I am asking for help.  Please sign this and help my brothers and me stay safe.  His name is David Domingo Ramirez Ruiz and he lives in Highland, New York with his new wife who also threatened my mom on Facebook.  He is dangerous.  If he is deported it will be one less criminal that we have to worry about in our country and my brothers and I will finally be safe. My brother and my babysitter helped me write this so that we will be safe.

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