Protect Seed Sovereignty in New Mexico


Protect Seed Sovereignty in New Mexico

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URGENT ACTION NEEDED: Our Food and Seed Sovereignty is under attack again

Please sign this petition by April 4, 2019

During the 2018 NM legislative session, many local community organizations in New Mexico came together in opposition to HB161, a bill which would have preempted local governments from enacting ordinances to regulate the cultivation and production of seeds. That bill was tabled in committee.

This year, the biotech industry lobbied the legislature and inserted a last-minute amendment into the appropriations section of the HB2 (the budget bill) that grants the state the sole authority to regulate seeds and to preempt local jurisdictions from seed regulation:

“The general fund appropriation includes sufficient funding to the department of agriculture at New Mexico state university to promulgate rules to solely regulate seed."

This clause would prevent cities and counties from enacting ordinances that protect native seeds from GMO seeds, and would take away our city, county, and local power to create GE (genetically engineered) Free Zones in New Mexico.

At this stage of the process the only way to remove this language is for Gov. Lujan Grisham to line-veto this clause. Please help protect our seeds and our food and seed sovereignty -- this is vital to everyone!


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2) Please contact Governor Lujan-Grisham TODAY and urge her to line item veto the seed preemption language found in the appropriations section of HB2:

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This petition made change with 1,546 supporters!