Directed physical activity and organized sport in the service of health

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Getting regular physical activity is part of what matters and has been put off from government to government until later! Obesity is gaining ground with forecasts of one in four Canadians obese in 2030. It’s not a question of aesthetics here, but a scientific and above all a medical question.

The WHO, Health Canada and our own provincial government are touting the benefits of physical activity by producing scientific papers demonstrating its effectiveness:

"150 to 300 minutes of moderate to sustained (intense) physical activity, in addition to two muscle overload workouts per week, provide major benefits on physical and mental health ..."

Physical activity is scientifically proven to increase endorphins, improve immune system function, counteract the effects of anxiety and depression, and decrease healthcare costs and hospitalization rates. 

Sport is intimately linked to the secretion of pleasure hormones, preventing and treating depression. But in times of pandemic, we close the gyms and limit the practice of organized sports. As if the benefits do not outweigh the associated risks and that no interesting solution is possible?

As the Canadian law promoting physical activity and sport states:

"The Federal Government recognizes that physical activity and sport are an integral part of the way of life of Canadians, of their culture and of benefits in the areas of health, social cohesion, economic activity and quality of life..."

We invite you to sign and share this petition if you, too, believe that organized sport as well as supervised physical activity are vital to the physical and mental health of the population, and that access to practice safe fitness and sport should be restored

Health is not the absence of disease, but the ability to cope with it.

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