Stop Queerbaiting In Gotham

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As most people are aware of, one of the biggest relationships of Gotham is Nygmobblepot. (The relationship between Ed Nygma and Oswald Cobblepot.) 

Gotham has pretty much destroyed fans hopes for the couple over and over again. In season 3 we had to follow a pretty devastating storyline that seemed like a quick way to break the two up.

In season 4 we were lucky to see the two reunite and form a friendship again. But as the season is going on, we've discovered it was only another let down. 

The relationship between Ed Nygma and Oswald Cobblepot deserves as much of an equal chance as the heterosexual couples in the show. They deserve to be treated the same, instead of baiting the audience over and over.

Since Nygmobblepot, Gotham has gained a large queer following. We deserve to see ourselves represented well in a show we love.

As a result of the bait, a lot of loyal fans have discontinued the show. This cannot continue.

As a queer person I felt disheartened over and over again. I feel that we are all fed up and we don't want this to continue happening. The audience has never wanted a relationship between Ed Nygma and Lee Thompkins. We need his sexuality to be explored more, as he is clearly a bisexual character.